Supported ports of the CCUB board


The CCUB control board supports the following 3 types of ports:

  • Panel ports (on the backplane): CONSOLE (connecting to the local maintenance serial cable), ESC (connecting to the network cable), ETH (connecting to the network cable), ALARM (connecting to the environment monitoring cable), and GE0 (connecting to optical fibers).

  • Upstream ports (on a daughter board): When H831GP1A or H831EP1A is configured, GE0 (SFP) and PON (SFF) ports are available for connecting to optical fibers. When the H831GE1A daughter board is configured, GE0 (SFP) and GE1 (SFP) ports are available for connecting to optical fibers.

  • Cascade port: Only 1 GE (optical or electric) cascade port is supported. GE (optical or electrical) indicates alternative of the optical port or electrical port for GE0 optical port provided by the daughter board, and duplexes with GE0 electrical port on the front panel.

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Whether the USG9000 series supports cross-board port mirroring
The USG9000 series does not support cross-board port mirroring.

Port working modes supported by an EMS2 board on an OSN 3500
Port working modes supported by an EMS2 board on an OSN 3500: 1. GE electrical ports: auto-negotiation, 1000M full-duplex, 100M full-duplex, and 10M full-duplex 2. GE optical ports: auto-negotiation and 1000M full-duplex 3. FE electrical ports: auto-negotiation, 100M full-duplex, 100M half-duplex, 10M full-duplex, and 10M half-duplex (An EMS2 board supports FE electrical ports when it works with an ETF8 board.) 4. FE optical ports: 100M full-duplex (An EMS2 board supports FE optical ports when it works with an EFF8 board.)

Whether ports on the TN52TOG boards support autonegotiation
TN52TOG boards support only the 1000M full-duplex mode but not the autonegotiation mode.

Ports of ITL boards
Ports of ITL boards include the following: TE (C_EVEN multiplexed signal) RE (C_EVEN multiplexed signal) TO (C_ODD multiplexed signal) RO (C_ODD multiplexed signal)

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