Whether optical ports on the S1700 are plug-and-play


In normal conditions, an optical port on an S1700 switch starts to work immediately after an optical module is connected and does not require any configuration.

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Whether the S1700 supports IPSG
Does the S1700 support IPSG? SNMP-based S1700 switches (including S1700-28GFR-4P-AC, S1700-52GFR-4P-AC, S1700-28FR-2T2P-AC, S1700-52FR-2T2P-AC, S1720-20GFR-4TP, and S1720-28GFR-4TP switches) support IPSG. NMS-free and web-managed S1700 switches do not support IPSG. An S1700 switch checks whether to match data packets against binding entries configured on interfaces. The binding entries include the following: �?IP: The switch matches only IP addresses. �?MAC: The switch matches only MAC addresses. �?VLAN: The switch matches only VLAN IDs. �?IP&MAC: The switch matches IP addresses and MAC addresses. �?IP&VLAN: The switch matches IP addresses and VLAN IDs. �?MAC&VLAN: The switch matches MAC addresses and VLAN IDs. �?IP&MAC&VLAN: The switch matches IP addresses, MAC addresses, and VLAN IDs.

Are cards of S series switches hot swappable
Most of the cards of modular switches are hot swappable, and only the following cards are not: - S9300: subcards of LE0MFSUA, LE0D0VSTSA00, and LE0D0WMNPA00 - S7700: ES0D00FSUA00, ES02VSTSA, and LE0D0VSTSA00 - S9700: subcards of EH1D2VS08000 and EH1D2WM00000You can use Hardware Query Tool to query whether a card is hot swappable.

What parameters are set to enable plug and play on Huawei APs
No parameter is set to enable the plug and play function on fit APs. You only have to ensure that fit APs can discover an AC.

What parameters need to be configured for an AP's plug-and-play mode
You only need to ensure that APs can discover the AC but do not need to configure parameters for Fit APs with zero configuration.

Which type of optical module is used by the MCU optical port: single-mode or multi-mode optical module? How can I choose the optical module?
The MCU board supports only the SFP optical module. Set the IP address to the IP address of GE0 port. Whether an optical module is a single-mode or multi-mode optical module is determined by its optical module attribute settings. To use an optical module, set the attribute to optical port module. When an optical module connects to an optical port, the system automatically switches to the optical port module mode. By default, the multi-mode optical module is delivered with the product. The customer can choose a single-mode optical module if required during the order process. The optical module, like network cables, is not the default configuration; therefore, you need to purchase one. If you select the optical module, the multi-mode optical module will be delivered and charged by default.

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