Configure a static route on the S1700


Configure a static or default route on the S1700 as follows:
1. Choose IP Routing > IPv4 Route from the navigation tree on the left.
2. Select IPv4 Static/Default Route and click New.
3. Configure parameters such as the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address, and the click Apply.
Note: Only S1720, S1700-FR, and S1700-GFR switches support the routing feature.

Other related questions:
How can I configure valid static routes
Only when the outbound interface is in Up state, you can run the display ip routing-table command to query routing information in dynamic and static routing entries. If the outbound interface is not in Up state, the route is deactivated. You can run the display ip routing-table protocol command to check whether a route is activated.

Is the static route affected if the BFD for the static route is in AdminDown state
The static route is not affected. The static route is invalid only when the BFD detects a link fault.

Method used to configure a static route on the AR router
The procedure for configuring static route on the AR router is as follows: - Use command lines. [RouterA] ip route-static //Configure a default route that is often used at the egress of a small-sized company. The address is the gateway address of the carrier. When the specific route cannot be matched, data flows are forwarded to If the device has only one default route, all the data packets are forwarded to by default. [RouterB] ip route-static //Configure the route to network segment The next hop of the route is, which is the specific route but not the default route. Use the web platform. For details, see Example for Configuring IPv4 Static Routes .

Static routes on the S1700
The following S1700 switch models do not support static routes: �?NMS-free switches �?Web-managed switches (S1728GWR-4P switches): do not support the routing feature The SNMP-based switches (S1720, S1700-FR, and S1700-GFR switches) support IPv4 and IPv6 static routing.

Configuring static routes
Configure static routes on an AC when one of the following conditions is met: - The AC is connected in bypass mode and needs to communicate with devices on different network - segments and APs. - The AC functions as a gateway for Internet access. - The AC functions a Layer 3 device on the intranet and needs to communicate with other Layer 3 devices. Configure static routes as follows: [HUAWEI] ip route-static //Configure a default route. [HUAWEI] ip route-static //Configure a specific route.

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