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To download the S1700 configuration guide and product documentation, visit, where you can download documents such as S1700 Series Ethernet Switches Managed Switches Web User Manual, S1700 Series Ethernet Switches FAQ, S1700 Multimedia, S1700 Products Description, and S1700 Installation Quick Start.

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Method used to download product documents
You can download profiles from Huawei website: 1. Access e indicates Enterprise services. 2. Click Technical Support. 3. Select Enterprise Network (such as security) in Product Support or enter the specific model (such as USG2100). -After a category is selected, the information platform is displayed. You can select the specific model. 5. In the corresponding page, select the product version such as V100R001. 5. Select the product documentation package in the document type. Click to open the documents. -For details about the MIB, log, and alarm references, click References.

URL for downloading the USG6000 software and documentation
You can click the following link to download the software version. On the document tab, you can view the corresponding product documentation. USG6300 software version download

Where can I download the TE40&TE50&TE60 documentation?
You can download the TE40&TE50&TE60 Product Documentation at the following link: TE40&TE50&TE60 Product Documentation

How can I obtain the VCN3010 and VCN3020 product documentation?
For details about the VCN3010 and VCN3020 V100R002C20 Product Documentation, see VCN3010 and VCN3020 Product Documentation.

How to download the eSight product documentation?
Visit and choose the required eSight documentation.

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