Meaning of colors of interface indicators on the S1700


For details about the meaning of each color of the indicators on the S1700, click S1700 Products Description and choose Hardware Structure > Indicator.

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What do WLAN indicators of the AR router mean
The WLAN indicator status and their meanings are as follows: -If the WLAN indicator is steady on, the radio interface is physically Up but is not transmitting traffic. -If the WLAN indicator is blinking, the radio interface is physically Up and is transmitting traffic. A higher traffic rate indicates a higher blinking frequency. -If the WLAN indicator is off, the radio interface is physically Down.

Meaning of the alarm indicator on a board
The alarm indicator on the front panel of the board indicates the running status and alarm status of the board.

RH2288 V3 health indicator
RH1288 V3, RH2288 V3, RH2288H V3 health indicator status description: ? Steady green: The server is operating properly. ? Blinking red at 1 Hz: A major alarm is generated. ? Blinking red at 5 Hz: A critical alarm is generated.

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