Why does the system repeatedly prompt for restart during the installation of network extension controls


A Windows 64-bit operating system is used, but the current SSL VPN version for the network extension function does not support Windows 64-bit operating systems. Change the Windows 64-bit operating system into another operating system.

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Why does active/standby switchover occurs repeatedly
Check service interface status. If the interfaces go up and down repeatedly, active/standby switchover occurs repeatedly. If service interfaces are normal, the constant status change may be caused by different heartbeat intervals on the two firewalls. In this case, change the intervals to the same value.

Why does the system prompt that the system software cannot be used during a device startup
During a device startup, the system detects the system software correctness. If the system software is faulty, the device cannot start up. You need to upload the new system software using the BootROM so that the device can start up.

Why does an AP restart repeatedly or its IP address change frequently
The possible causes are: During an AP upgrade, if the AP fails to establish a connection with the FTP server or SFTP server, the CAPWAP module restarts the AP. In Layer 3 networking, if Option 43 is not configured on the DHCP server, an AP cannot obtain the AC's IP address to establish a CAPWAP tunnel with the AC. As a result, the AP restarts and obtains IP addresses repeatedly.

What can I do if the system still prompts me to install a control after the control is installed for an IPC
Close and restart the browser.

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