USG device select SNMP version protocol


USG select the SNMP protocol version as follows:
Run the command snmp-agent sys-info version {v1 | v2c} to enable SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c.
By default, SNMPv3 is enabled.
The SNMP version of NGFW must be consistent with the SNMP version set in the network management software.
When SNMPv1 is enabled, the NGFW will support SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 at the same time. SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 can be used to monitor and manage the NGFW.
When SNMPv2c is enabled, since SNMPv3 is enabled by default, NGFW will support both SNMPv2c and SNMPv3, and can monitor and manage NGFW at the same time using SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.
Execute snmp-agent sys-info version all, and NGFW will support all SNMP versions simultaneously to monitor and manage NGFW at the same time using SNMP1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.

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How to select loop prevention protocols
When creating a new network using S series switches (except the S1700), select loop prevention protocols based on your network requirements:
1.   If the network services have high performance requirements (for example, if millisecond-level convergence is required when a fault occurs), select the SEP, RRPP, and SMLK protocols. Otherwise, select the STP protocol.
2.   If you are creating a ring network, select the SEP and RRPP protocols. If you are creating a tree network, select the STP protocol. If two uplink ports are used to transmit data, select the SMLK protocol.
3.   If the network must connect to other vendors' devices, select the STP protocol. Otherwise, select the Smart Ethernet Protection (SEP) protocol. SEP is a technology developed by Huawei that supports topology viewing, multiple modes for selecting blocking points, and millisecond-level fault convergence time. SEP is recommended for new networks.

Whether SSEM2LWC1 on BWS 1600G supports 1:N protection of OCP boards
Yes. SSE2LWC supports 1:N protection of OCP boards.

Support for SNMP on WDM devices
Question: Which WDM devices support SNMP? Analysis: None Answer: LH WDM devices support the SNMP protocol since 5.08.04.xx, that is, devices using OSP07. Metro WDM devices support the SNMP protocol since 5.39.xx.xx, that is, devices using OSP06.

Version selection and requirements for the WLAN device upgrade
What are the SNMP versions supported by storage products and their difference in authentication?
Storage systems support SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c use the community string for authentication. When SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c are used, the default read community string and write community string are storage_public and storage_private respectively. The read or write community string contains 8 to 32 ASCII characters. SNMPv3 uses USM for authentication and is recommended to ensure data security.

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