Definition of SSL VPN on the USG6000 series


SSL VPN allows mobile employees (called remote users in SSL VPN) to securely access their intranet resources, improving productivity.

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Major application scenarios of SSL VPN on the USG6000 series
The major SSL VPN scenarios include SSL VPN access gateway for remote users and isolation of services of multiple virtual gateways.

Preparations before configuring SSL VPN on the USG6000 series
Preparations before SSL VPN configurations: Preparations before configuring local certificate authentication remove security alarms prompted during SSL VPN user login. Preparations before configuring user authentication confirm user authentication mode.

Definition of SSL VPN for USG2000 and USG5000 series devices
SSL VPN is based on the SSL protocol for the security of VPN remote access technology, mobile office workers (known as remote users in SSL VPN) SSL VPN can be safe and convenient access to the enterprise network, access to enterprise intranet resources, Improve work efficiency.

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