Problem and solution when network extension cannot be enabled on the firewall


Only the administrator can enable network extension.

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Problem and solution when the firewall cannot ping the virtual IP address of the VRRP group
Possible causes are as follows: A VRID conflict occurs. The virtual IP address ping function is disabled. According to RFC3768, the ping command cannot be used to detect the virtual IP address connectivity. Huawei provides the virtual IP address ping function for the convenience of monitoring. This function is enabled by default. If it is disabled, you can run the vrrp virtual-ip ping enable command to enable it.

Problem and solution when BGP peer cannot be established
The BGP peer establishment on the firewall needs to use port 179 to establish TCP sessions and requires that OPEN messages be properly exchanged. Perform as follows to rectify the issue: 1. Check whether the AS number and IP address among peers are correct by using the display bgp peer command. 2. Check whether the router IDs configured on both BGP peers are conflicting by using the display bgp peer command. 3. If the loopback interface is used, check whether the peer connect-interface command is configured to specify the loopback interface as the source interface for sending BGP packets. 4. If EBGP neighbors are not directly connected to the physical layer, check whether the peer ebgp-max-hop command is configured. 5. Check whether there are available routes to the peer in the routing table. 6. Check whether there are reachable routes to the specified connect-interface by using the ping -a source-ip-address host-address command. 7. Check whether the ACL that is used to disable TCP port 179 is configured.

Problem and solution when the electrical port of the firewall is down
What if the electrical port of the USG is not Up? 1. Check whether the faulty port is disabled. If yes, run the undo shutdown command to enable the port. 2. Remove the network cable: -Check whether the gold pin of the interface is bent or deviates. -Check whether the network cable is disconnected or damaged. -Check the type of the network cable. A GE electrical port fails to go Up if a network cable lower than category 5 cable is used. -A GE electrical interface may fail to go Up if some wires among the four wire pairs in the network cable are damaged. 3. Auto-negotiation shall be configured on both ports, and the rates and duplex modes on both ports shall be the same. 4. Incorrect MDI setting: -The current device can automatically identify straight cables or crossover cables, and MDI is usually not required.

Problem and solution when a firewall cannot be added to the NMS
To solve the problem that a firewall cannot be added to the NMS (NMS workstation), perform the following steps: 1. Check whether the SNMP settings on the firewall are correct. For example, check whether the SNMP version matches the NMS. 2. Check whether the NMS is reachable to the firewall. 3. Check whether access management in SNMP mode is enabled on the interface connecting the firewall to the NMS. That is, you need to run the service-manage snmp enable command on the interface to allow the peer device to access the firewall in SNMP mode. By default, the SNMP permission of the interface is disabled. In this case, even if the security policy for the interzone between the zone where the interface resides and the Local zone is enabled, you cannot access the device through the interface. This is because that the service-manage function has a higher priority than the security policy. For details, see USG6350 can't add to the NMS server.

Problem and solution when the firewall cannot access web proxy resources
What if the web proxy resource page cannot be accessed? Solution: 1. Check whether the configured URL is correct. 2. If the configured URL is correct, ensure that the configured intranet URL can be properly accessed. 3. If the fault persists, try the web link mode. Note: To ensure that the web link function takes effect, use Internet Explorer and install the ActiveX control.

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