Automatic LAC dial-up


In automatic LAC dial-up scenarios, the LAC does not authenticate users. All users configured on the LAC are authenticated by the LNS through PPP authentication (PAP or CHAP). In CLI configurations, this is the PPP authentication configured on the VT interface.

Other related questions:
Can an outbound interface be specified for dial-up in the resource-shared DCC dial-up method
Yes. You can run the dialer route ip next-hop-address user hostname | broadcast * dial-string autodial | interface interface-type interface-number * command to specify an outbound interface for dial-up.

Which command can be run to set the DCC automatic dial-up interval
You can run the dialer timer autodial seconds command to set the interval of DCC automatic dial-up. In the command, seconds indicates the interval between the latest call to the next call attempt, which is an integer ranged from 1 to 604,800 and is measured by seconds. The interval of DCC automatic dial-up is 300 seconds by default. Note: Before run the command, run the dialer enable-circular command to enable the circular DCC.

Dialing up extranet PPTP VPN on the USG2000
The device does not support PPTP VPN.

Do WLAN devices support PPPoE
Fat APs and ACs in V200R006 and earlier versions do not support PPPoE dial-up.

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