Monitoring IPSec with a third-party gateway software program on the USG6000


To monitor IPSec with a third-party gateway software program on the USG6000, you need to import OIDs of MIB objects. For the OIDs to be imported, search HUAWEI-SECURITY-IPSEC-MIB in HUAWEI USG6000&USG9000&NGFW Module V500R001C20 Product Documentation.

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Whether the WWNs of external LUNs change after V3 series unified storage systems use the SmartVirtualization feature to take over the external LUNs
The WWN rules vary according to vendors. Therefore, after the local storage system takes over external LUNs and creates eDevLUNs, the WWNs of the eDevLUNs are different from those of the external LUNs. For some vendors, the WWN of an external LUN may be displayed as UUID.

Can the TE30 be controlled using the third-party software?
The TE30 can be controlled using the third-party software.

Does TE30 supports third-party software control?
TE30 supports third-party software control.

Can the U1900 series unified gateway interconnect with a third-party device
The U1900 series unified gateway supports the standard SIP protocol. If a third-party device uses the SIP protocol, you can try interconnecting this device with the U1900. During interconnection testing, run the following command to set the value of software parameter 286 to 0: config softargu type 286 value 0.

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