Whether the USG6000 series supports planning Class A IP addresses for the IPSec VPN intranet


There are no restrictions on private IP addresses.

Other related questions:
Whether the USG2000 series supports establishing IPSec VPN using dynamic IP addresses at both ends
The connection can be established when at least one end has the fixed IP address and cannot be established when both ends have dynamic IP addresses.

Whether the USG6000 and USG2000 support establishing IPSec VPN
The IPSec VPN tunnel can be established as long as the IP addresses of the two ends are reachable.

whether USG2000 series devices support both ends are dynamic IP to build IPSec VPN
Only supports at least one end of the fixed IP connection establishment,do not support both ends are dynamic IP way to establish a connection

whether can design the class A ip address in the ipsec vpn Internal network with USG6000 series of device
No restrictions on private network IP address

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