what scene that the USG9000 series equipment GRE features can be used


GRE features are mainly used for the following application scenarios: GRE over IPSec, IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel, expanding the number of hops limited network working range, GRE VPN

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Meaning of GRE for the USG6000
The Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) protocol encapsulates data packets of certain network-layer protocols, so that the encapsulated packets can travel through another network-layer protocol. GRE is one of the tunneling technologies and is an L3 tunneling protocol. The GRE provides a transmission path for encapsulated packets by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection.

GRE security options of the USG6000
To improve the GRE tunnel security, the GRE supports user-defined tunnel interface recognition keywords (or keys) and end-to-end check on packets encapsulated by the tunnel.

Application scenarios of GRE features on the USG6000
GRE features are mainly applied in the following scenarios: GRE over IPSec, IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel, expanding the working scope of the network with restricted hops, and GRE VPN.

Whether the GRE can protect packets by encryption on the USG6000
The GRE can encapsulate multicast packets as unicast packets but cannot protect packets by encryption.

can the USG6000 series equipment GRE encrypt the packets protection
GRE can be used to encapsulate multicast packets into unicast packets, but it can not encrypt packets

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