Whether a parent policy and its sub-policy can reference the same traffic profile on the USG6000 series


A parent policy and its sub-policy cannot reference the same traffic profile.

Other related questions:
Whether the NAT policy can directly reference the address library of an ISP on the USG6000
The source NAT policy of the USG6000 cannot directly reference the address library of the ISP. You need to manually establish the address set and configure the source NAT policy to reference the address set.

Can multiple security policies reference the same profile
Yes. Security policies that reference the same profile do not affect one another.

Whether the maximum bandwidth in a sub-policy can exceed that in the parent policy on the USG6000 series
The maximum bandwidth and number of connections in a sub-policy cannot exceed those in a parent policy.

Can a traffic policy be configured in a super-VLAN or sub-VLAN to make the traffic policy take effect
The packets received and sent by the switch configured with VLAN aggregation carry sub-VLAN tags but not super-VLAN tags, so a traffic policy must be configured in all sub-VLANs of a super-VLAN. A traffic policy in the super-VLAN does not take effect.

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