Whether the maximum bandwidth in a sub-policy can exceed that in the parent policy on the USG6000 series


The maximum bandwidth and number of connections in a sub-policy cannot exceed those in a parent policy.

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Whether a parent policy and its sub-policy can reference the same traffic profile on the USG6000 series
A parent policy and its sub-policy cannot reference the same traffic profile.

What is the "maximum interconnectivity" encryption policy of the TE series endpoint?
Maximum interconnectivity: Your endpoint automatically determines whether to encrypt data. If forcible encryption is used, you can join encrypted conferences only. If encryption is disabled, you can join unencrypted conferences only.

How do I understand the maximum interconnectivity of encryption policies of TE series endpoints as a security policy?
Maximum interconnectivity: An endpoint automatically checks whether to encrypt data. In the forcible encryption scenario, the endpoint can join only encrypted conferences. In the non-encryption scenario, the endpoint can join only non-encrypted conferences.

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