Number of patches that can be stored on the firewall


The patch saved in the patch area is numbered uniquely. Up to 200 patches can be saved to the patch area in the memory of the MPU or LPU.

Other related questions:
Patch status of the firewall
The patches for the firewall have four states: Idle, Activated, Deactivated, and Running.

Upgrading the firewall patch
Delete the patch of the old version, load the patch of the new version, and activate it. The hot patch does not require the device be restarted. For operation details, see the relevant patch release notes and upgrade guide.

Where is the USG6000 firewall SSL VPN user information stored
Stored in userinfo.db, the user is not visible.

How Many Firewalls Can a User Have?

A user can have a maximum of 200 firewalls. It is recommended that you configure a maximum of 20 inbound or outbound rules for each firewall. If more than 20 inbound or outbound rules are configured, the forwarding performance will deteriorate.

Data levels that can be stored in HBase
HBase delivers optimal performance when processing data less than 100 KB but can generally handle data smaller than 10 MB. Data exceeding 100 KB, or even reaching 10 MB, will cause remarkably decreased performance. Inserting the same number of data files generates a large amount of data, causing frequent compaction and split operations that occupy massive CPU resources.

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