Alarm reported in the case of power outage and not reported in the case of power resumption


The firewall reports an alarm to the NMS in the case of power outage, but does not report an alarm after the power resumes because the level of the power outage alarm is warnings whereas that of the power resumption alarm is informational. By default, only alarms of the warnings level or higher are reported to the NMS. To enable the firewall to report power resumption alarms to the NMS, perform configuration on the firewall as follows:
[USG] info-center source SRM channel trapbuffer trap level informational
[USG] info-center source SRM channel snmpagent trap level informational

Other related questions:
Will an AR router upgrade be affected in case of a power outage
Power outage must be avoided during AR router upgrade. In case of such accident, information may be lost, causing the router to fail to start up.

How is power outage loopback on VGA ports implemented for TE series endpoints?
Power outage loopback on VGA ports is implemented for TE series endpoints as follows: Power outage loopback on an output port refers to the following scenario: Upon power outage, an endpoint functions as a cable adapter and automatically transmits input VGA signals to the output port. One cable and one installation mode apply to multiple scenarios.

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