Setting the interval for updating the client clock


Set the interval for updating the client clock as follows:
1. Run the system-view command to access the system view.
2. Run the ntp-service sync-interval interval command to configure the client update interval.

Other related questions:
How to set the timeout interval of the connection on an AR
You can set the timeout interval of the connection on an AR through the command line. By default, the timeout interval of the connection is 5 minutes. You can also set the timeout interval through the command line. The procedure is as follows: For example, if you want to set the timeout interval to 9 minutes and 30 seconds, run the idle-timeout command in the user interface view: [Huawei] user-interface console 0 [Huawei-ui-console0] idle-timeout 9 30 Note: If the timeout interval is set to 0, the system does not automatically terminate the connection unless the user manually disconnects it.

The interval at which the traffic shaping rate increases can be set, but the interval at which the traffic shaping rate decreases cannot be set. Why
When the NQA test instance detects that the packet loss ratio is greater than the upper threshold in the adaptive traffic profile, the upstream device reduces the traffic shaping rate. This ensures that the traffic shaping rate rapidly adapt to the network and prevents data loss.

What is the LSA retransmit interval and how to set it
OSPF must send an LSAck packet after receiving a link-state advertisement (LSA). LSAs are retransmitted until they are acknowledged. The link-state retransmit interval defines the time between retransmissions. You can run the ospf timer retransmit interval command to set the retransmit interval. The default interval is 5 seconds.

OSPF LSA update interval
On S series switches supporting OSPF, OSPF updates and advertises a generated LSA every 1800 seconds (LSA link status update interval). The interval 1800s is defined by RFC 2328 and cannot be modified.

Method used to set the clock of an E2TC1 or TC2 board
Question: Why an E2TC1 or E2TC2 board does not support the cfg-set-sccsynpri:bid and cfg-get-sccsynpri:bid commands when the NE software version is and the Navigator version is 5.7? The corresponding interface is not found on T2000 V100R008. How do I resolve the issue? What new commands does an E2TC1 or E2TC2 board support? Answer: 1. This command applies to the SCC board instead of service boards. The bid parameter can only be set to 7, which indicates slot 7 of the SCC board. For details, see the NE command line manual or command help. 2. T2000 V100R008 does not support this operation. The earliest NMS version that supports this operation is V200R001C02B
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