Disabling the NTP service on the firewall


Disable the NTP service on the firewall as follows:
1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
2. Run the following commands to disable the NTP service.
a. Run the ntp-service [ ipv6 ] disable command to disable the NTP service.
By default, the NTP function is enabled.
b. Run the ntp-service [ ipv6 ] server disable command to disable the function that the FW serves as the NTP server.
By default, the NTP server function is enabled.

Other related questions:
Displaying the NTP configuration information on the firewall
Check the NTP configuration information of the firewall as follows: -Run the display ntp-service status command to view the NTP service status. -Run the display ntp-service sessions [ verbose ] command to view the NTP session status. -Run the display ntp-service trace command to view brief information traced from the local device to the NTP servers of the reference clock source. -Run the display ntp-service statistics packet [ ipv6 | peer [ ip-address [ vpn-instance vpn-instance-name ] | ipv6 [ ipv6-address [ vpn-instance vpn-instance-name ] ] ] command to view the global NTP packet statistics. -Run the display current-configuration | include ntp-service command to view configuration parameters currently valid to the KOD feature on the firewall.

Debugging NTP packets on the firewall
Debug firewall NTP packets as follows: Before enabling the debugging function, you must run the terminal monitor and terminal debugging commands in the user view to enable the information display and debugging information display functions of the terminal. Note: Enabling the debugging function affects the system performance. After debugging, run the undo debugging all command to disable the debugging function immediately. Run the debugging ntp-service { access | adjustment | all | authentication | event | filter | packet [ ipv6 ] [ send | receive ] | parameter | refclock | selection | synchronization | validity } command to enable NTP debugging.

Disable the NTP service on the eBackup
The NTP service cannot be disabled after it is enabled.

Can the SMC2.0 firewall be disabled?
The firewall used for security hardening cannot be disabled, but its ports can be restricted. The firewall that is not used for security hardening can be disabled.

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