USG6000 log saving


USG6000 log saving modes

1. Check whether the information center is enabled. The information center can record logs only after it is enabled. By default, it is enabled.

[sysname] display info-center
Information Center:enabled

2. Enable the information center.

[sysname] info-center enable

3. Configure the IP address of the log server and the source interface for sending log information.

[sysname] info-center loghost x.x.x.x
[sysname] info-center loghost source GigabitEthernet 1/0/1

(Optional) Configure the log output in binary format. You also need to configure the eSight NMS server to resolve logs.
a. Configure the IP address and port number of the eSight NMS server.

[sysname] data-flow loghost 1 ip-address port 9903
b. Configure the IP address and port number used by the device to send binary logs to the eSight NMS server.

[sysname] data-flow loghost source ip-address source-port 1617

Other related questions:
How are log files saved
The log files are saved when a storage device such as a Flash memory, a USB flash drive or an SD card is available. In the user view, run the save logfile command to save log files.

Can I configure the path for storing log files of AR series routers
By default, the log files of AR1200 series routers are stored on the USB flash drive, and the log files of AR2200, AR3600, and AR3200 are stored on the SD card. If USB flash drive or SD card is unavailable, log files cannot be stored.

From V200R005C10, the log files of AR1200 series are saved in the flash memory by default.

The AR3600 series routers are released from V200R006C10.

Run the info-center logfile path command to configure the path where log files are stored.

Where are log files saved
Log files of a switch are saved in the syslogfile or logfile folder in the flash memory. dir //Display all the files and folders in the flash memory. Directory of flash:/ Idx Attr Size(Byte) Date Time FileName 0 -rw- 1,766 Dec 24 2040 03:37:54 private-data.txt 3 drw- - Dec 24 2040 03:40:12 syslogfile 4 drw- - Dec 24 2040 03:37:58 compatible 16 -rw- 10,571 Jan 04 2041 03:51:18 elabel-slot0.fls ... cd logfile //Access the logfile folder. dir Directory of flash:/logfile/ Idx Attr Size(Byte) Date Time FileName 0 -rw- 10,824 Jan 24 2042 09:15:04 1 -rw- 15,334 Feb 03 2042 14:45:08

Methods of outputting logs to log files on S series switches
The S series switches (except the S1700) support the storage of logs and alarms in the log files. You can run the dir command in the user view to view the log files, which are named syslogfile or logfile. Perform the following steps to obtain logs and alarms from log files: 1. Run the save logfile command to save information in the log buffer to syslogfile or logfile. Remarks: The device automatically saves logs at regular intervals. The syslogfile file is saved automatically every time the device restarts. The logfile file is automatically saved at regular intervals. 2. After running the save logfile command, you can transfer log files to the terminal (PC) through FTP or TFTP.

How are logs of CE series switches stored
Logs generated by the system are first saved in the log buffer. The system automatically saves the logs to a log file (log.log or diag.log) every 30 minutes or when the log buffer is full. You can also manually save the logs in the log buffer to the log file using the command. User logs are saved in flash:/logfile/log.log and diagnostic logs are saved in flash:/logfile/diag.log. When the size of a log file reaches 8 MB, the system compresses the log file with the file name or Slot-id and time indicate the slot number and the generation time of the log file, respectively. The storage space for user logs and diagnostic logs is limited. You can run the display logfile storage-usage command to view its size and usage. Currently, the log storage space cannot be adjusted. If the available log storage space is less than 20%, the system will delete the earliest compressed log file to release space for the latest logs.

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