Solution to incorrect license file length


The solution to incorrect license file length is as follows:
During file transmission, certain software may filter spaces or characters in the license file, resulting in the length inconsistency between the current license file and the original license file. In this situation, the license file cannot be successfully activated.
1. In the user view on the device, run the dir command to check the length of the license file on the device.
2. In the storage location of the original license file, for example, PC, check the length of the license file.
3. Compare the lengths of two license files. If the length of the license file on the device is incorrect, upload the license file again. Generally, you can compress the license file and then transmit it to avoid this problem.

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License introduction
se introduction: After purchasing a product, you can only use basic functions of the product. To use premium features or expand resource capacity, you need to purchase licenses for the features or resources.

License-related concepts: - License: authorizes you to use product software functions by feature, version, capacity, or validity period. A license contains a license file and a license authorization certificate.

- License file: controls the capacity, functions, and validity period of a software version. It is generated by a dedicated encryption tool based on a contract signed with Huawei and delivered as an electronic file with the name extension .dat.

- License authorization certificate: declares your ownership of a Huawei product's license. It contains the product name, License Authorization Code (LAC), and customer name. A license authorization certificate is a PDF document.

- License activation code: is also called activation ID. It is obtained from a license authorization certificate. Each license file matches an activation ID, which is the unique identifier of a license.

- ESDP: is Huawei's license management system that generates, distributes, and manages licenses based on order or application information. The URL of ESDP is

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