Method used to handle the license activation failure on firewalls


The solution to the license activation failure is as follows:
Probable causes:
-The entered license file does not exist.
-The license file does not match the system software.
-The license file is incorrect.
You can handle the problem as follows:
1. The system displays "Error: Failed to open the file."
Check whether the entered license file exists, whether the entered file name is correct, or whether the license file is in the root directory of the storage device.
2. The system displays "Error:File is overlength."
This message indicates that the license file is overlength. Check whether the file is correct. Generally, the license file is a dat file.
3. The system displays "Error:License file format error."
The license file does not match the product information. You need to apply for the license again.
4. The system displays "Failure:Failed to activate the license file."
Generally, if the preceding messages are not displayed simultaneously, the license file is damaged or the file is not a license file. You need to transmit the file to the device in binary mode again.

Other related questions:
Method used to debug the license on firewalls
The license debugging on firewalls is as follows: Before enabling the debugging function, you must run the terminal monitor and terminal debugging commands in the user view to enable the information display and debugging information display functions of the terminal. Note: Enabling the debugging function affects the system performance. After debugging, run the undo debugging all command to disable the debugging function immediately. You can run the debugging license command to debug the device license.

Method used to activate the license on firewalls
You can activate the license as follows: In CLI mode: In the system view, run the license file command to activate the license file. system-view, [sysname] license file license.dat In web UI mode: Log in to the web UI, and choose System > License Management. Activate the license file. -Manual activation on local 1. Select Manual Activation on Local in License Activation Mode. 2. Click Browse, and select the license file to be uploaded. 3. Click Activate. -Online automatic activation a. Select Online Automatic Activation in License Activation Mode. 4. Enter License Center Domain Name and License Authorization Code in sequence. 5. Click Activate. Check whether the license is successfully activated. -In CLI mode: In any view, run the display license command to check the license information. display license -In web UI mode: Log in to the web UI home page or check the license information on the License Management page.

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