Method used to handle the license certificate loss problem


The method used to handle the license certificate loss problem is as follows:
Log in to the ESDP platform ( and retrieve the license certificate based on the Contract No. or call the customer service hotline (400-822-9999).

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Method used to handle the license activation failure on firewalls
The solution to the license activation failure is as follows: Probable causes: -The entered license file does not exist. -The license file does not match the system software. -The license file is incorrect. You can handle the problem as follows: 1. The system displays "Error: Failed to open the file." Check whether the entered license file exists, whether the entered file name is correct, or whether the license file is in the root directory of the storage device. 2. The system displays "Error:File is overlength." This message indicates that the license file is overlength. Check whether the file is correct. Generally, the license file is a dat file. 3. The system displays "Error:License file format error." The license file does not match the product information. You need to apply for the license again. 4. The system displays "Failure:Failed to activate the license file." Generally, if the preceding messages are not displayed simultaneously, the license file is damaged or the file is not a license file. You need to transmit the file to the device in binary mode again.

Method used to calculate fiber loss
In general, the fiber loss budget for the 1310 nm wavelength is 0.45 dB/km and that for the 1550 nm wavelength is 0.275 dB/km.

What Should I Do If the Account Is Locked?

Your account will be locked if you enter an incorrect password consecutively. If this happens, contact the administrator to unlock the account.

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