Usage of USG5100 CF cards


The CF card stores system files or certificates.

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Method used to view the memory usage in USG5100 V1R3
In USG2000 and USG5000 V1R3, you can run the display health command to view the memory usage.

Functions of a CF card on the firewall
The CF card is the storage media in standard configuration. It is used to store system software and configuration files. Information in system directories is important. Therefore, do not change or delete these directories.

What are the functions of the CF card of the S7700&S9700
The S7700&S9700 series switches support standard CF cards. The default capacity of a CF card is 512 MB, expandable to 1 GB or 2 GB. The CF card is used to store system files, configuration files, paf, License, and log files. The S7700&S9700 series switches can start by using the startup file in the CF card. In this case, the system software package is stored on the CF card. It is required to specify the system software package on the CF card as the boot file. On the S7700&S9700 series switches, logs can be stored on the CF cards. Do not use the uncertified CF cards to prevent unpredictable problems.

Is the CF card hot swappable
The CF cards are not hot swappable.

Do I need to export the information from the original CF card and then import it into the new CF card when replacing the MCU CF card?
The MCU CF card saves information including logs, IVR files, and EDR logs. The information can be exported for backup. After replacing the CF card, you need to import IVR files into the new CF card. Logs cannot be imported into the new CF card. You can only store it on a local device for backup.

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