Obtaining the configuration file of the firewall


You can get the configuration files as follows.
1. On the Web UI, choose System > Configuration file Management.
2. Click Export in Current Configuration.
3. Click Save and select a path on the terminal to save the configuration file.

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Obtaining the URL category file in the URL filtering function of the firewall
URL categories may be user-defined or predefined. You can either create user-defined categories or use predefined categories to filter URLs. You can configure user-defined categories on the web UI or through the CLI. If there is no initial URL category database on the local device, log in to the security center platform (sec.huawei.com) to download it. On the home page of the website, choose Signature Update > Signature Update. Select information, such as the product model and version number. On the URLINIT tab, download the latest initial URL category database.

File system of a firewall
A file system consists of storage media and the files stored on the storage media. You can manage the storage media and the files stored on the storage media.

The USG firewall configures SSL VPN file shares
The USG firewall configures SSL VPN file shares The main function of file sharing is to share the resources of different system servers (such as Windows systems that support SMB protocol, Linux systems that support NFS protocol) in the form of web pages. Before the configuration to ensure that the license file has been loaded, the USG can access the internal network resources. Configuration steps: 1. In the USG to create a virtual gateway, external network users through this virtual gateway to access the enterprise network resources. 2. Configure the DNS server address and domain name of the internal network so that users can access the virtual gateway's service through the domain name. 3. Configure file sharing, add file type resources for SMB type and NFS type. 4. Configure the authentication and authorization function.

Obtain a license file
After purchasing a license, you can obtain the license file (*.dat file) based on the license authorization code (LAC) and device ESN using either of the following methods: 1. Visit app.huawei.com/isdp, click Password Activation under License Activation, enter the activation code and device ESN as prompted to activate the license, and then download the license file. 2. Send the LAC and device ESN to license@huawei.com to obtain the license file.

Obtaining the configuration file of OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01
Method for obtaining the configuration file of OceanStor 9000 V100R001C01: You can generate the configuration file using the OceanStor 9000 network planning tool or fill in the configuration file in a template when installing WushanFS.

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