Reason for re-configure the device after the power of the USG5150 is interrupted


The device reads the profile upon boot to initialize the system. The configuration in the profile is known as boot configuration. Corresponding to the boot configuration, the valid configuration is known as the current configuration. The modification to the device takes effect immediately but is not automatically saved in the profile. The modification is lost after the power of the device is interrupted. Therefore, after making modifications, run the save command to save the modifications.

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Why is service (such as voice) interrupted after being configured with NAT or firewall
The aging time of session table is shorter than the aging time of the service. The session table is aged out, while the service is not. The service packets sent after session table aging are discarded, so the service is interrupted. Run the firewall-nat session aging-time command to increase the TCP/UDP timeout interval.

Reason why devices on two private networks cannot communicate after IPSec is configured on the AR
Devices on two private networks fail to communicate with each other after IPSec is configured. The possible causes are as follows: -The public addresses of two IPSec-enabled devices cannot be pinged. -There is an error in the data flow to be encapsulated with the IPSec header or both IPSec and NAT are performed for the same data flow. You can run the display acl all command to check ACL matching. If both IPSec and NAT are performed for the same data flow, use either of the following method to prevent data flow overlapping: -Ensure that the destination IP address denied in the ACL rule referenced by NAT is the destination IP address in the ACL rule referenced by IPSec. By doing so, the device does not perform NAT on the data flow protected by IPSec. -The ACL rule referenced by IPSec matches the NAT-translated IP address. -The AR incorrectly learns private routes. The outbound interface of the route to the destination private network is not the public network interface with enabled IPSec.

Cause for the interruption of the USG5000 after the NAT is configured
Check whether the interzone policy is enabled on the firewall.

Reasons for communication interruptions between a device and DCN after a WDM hub is connected to a DCN
Question: The communication between a BWS 1600G device and DCN is interrupted after the hub of the BWS 1600G device is connected to the DCN using two network cables. The BWS 1600G device uses three subracks, and the ETH indicator on the system control board is steady on. After a computer is connected to the hub, the computer crashes, causing an NE login failure. Analysis: Other ports on the switches in the DCN work properly. Disconnect the network cable from the faulty NE, and then connect the network cable to a normal port. The issue is replicated, the fault is not caused by the switches. Set the IP address of the computer to the same as that of the device. Test the two network cables connected to the hub respectively. No abnormality occurs, indicating that the fault is not caused by the network cables and IP address configuration. Check and find that the hub is connected to the DCN using two network cables. This indicates that a loop is formed in the DCN. In this case, the computer is connected to the hub using a network cable, and the CPU usage reaches 99%. As a result, the computer crashes, the indicator of the network interface card (NIC) is steady on, and the ETH indicator of the system control board on the WDM device is also steady on. This indicates that the DCN receives a large volume of data send by itself. As a result, the communication between the NE and DCN is interrupted. Remove one network cable between the hub and DCN. The computer works normally again. In addition, reset the system control board, and then the NE can be logged in to normally. Root cause: The main reasons for DCN network interruptions are as follows: 1. Issues of switches in the DCNs 2. Issues of network cables 3. Issues of IP configurations 4. Issues of the hub Answer: Remove one network cable between the hub and DCN, and then reset the system control board. Suggestion and conclusion: None

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