Operations that can be performed on the CF card, hard disk, and USB drive on the firewall


The firewall allows you to repair and format the storage media, as well as create, delete, and modify files or directories on the storage media.

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Whether the USG6650 hard disk has a hard disk card
The USG6650 supports two types of hard disks, namely, SM-HDD-SAS300G-A and SM-HDD-SAS300G-B. Model A uses the tray of the device, and model B has its own tray.

Formatting hard disks for the USG6000 series
The USG6000 hard disk supports formatting. However, formatting a hard disk may cause disk data to be lost. Exercise caution when you perform this operation. To format a hard disk, run the reset disk command in the diagnose view. system-view [sysname] diagnose [sysname-diagnose] reset disk

Functions of a USB drive on the firewall
The USB drive is the optional storage media on the firewall. It stores system software and configuration files and applies mainly to scenarios of system software upgrade and configuration through the USB drive.

Functions of a CF card on the firewall
The CF card is the storage media in standard configuration. It is used to store system software and configuration files. Information in system directories is important. Therefore, do not change or delete these directories.

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