Default password for the firewall


There are four types of default administrators:
System administrator: admin/Admin@123
Audit administrator: audit-admin/Admin@123
API administrator: api-admin/admin@123 (Invoke API to access the FW)
API administrator: huawei/admin@123(predefined for cloud-based management mode,only V500R001C30 and later versions support)

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Is there a default password for an AR
ARs' support for the default web login password is as follows: - The AR1200, AR2200, and AR3200 running V200R003 to V200R005C20 have no default password. - The AR1200-S, AR2200-S, and AR3200-S running V200R003 to V200R005C10 have no default password. - The AR3200-S running V200R005C20 has no default password. - Other ARs have a default password.

Default routes of firewalls
Default routes are special routes. Generally, administrators can manually configure default static routes. Default routes can also be generated through dynamic routing protocols, such as OSPF and IS-IS. Default routes are described as follows: To put it in a simple way, default routes are used only when packets to be forwarded do not match any routing entry in a routing table. In a routing table, a default route is the route to network (with the mask You can run the display ip routing-table command to check whether a default route is configured. If the destination address of a packet does not match any entry in the routing table, the packet is sent through a default route. If no default route exists and the destination address of the packet does not match any entry in the routing table, the packet is discarded. An Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packet is then sent, informing the originating host that the destination host or network is unreachable.

Default IP address, user name, and password of the MM910
The MM910 management network port (MGMT) is a standard GE port that supports 10/100/1000MBase-T auto-negotiation and UTP5 cables. The management network port is used to manage an E9000 chassis. The default floating IP address and subnet mask of the MM910 are as follows: IP address: Subnet mask: The default static IP address of the MM910 is as follows: 1MM: 2MM: Subnet mask: The default user name and password of the MM910 are as follows: Default user name: root Default password: Huawei12#$

What is the default password of login IAD
User name is root,password is huawei123(old version password is admin)。

What is the default account and password for SoftCo
The default account is admin, default password is huawei or huawei123

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