Shutting down the firewall


The firewall does not support power-off through the CLI or automatic power-off. Instead, you need to press a button to power it off.

Other related questions:
How to shut down S series switches
The S series switches (except the S1700) cannot be shut down by running a command. Instead, you can only power off S series switches using the hardware. The procedure is as follows:
1. (Optional) Save the current configuration file of the device.
 <HUAWEI> save
2. Power off the device
a. For S series modular switches, if the device uses pluggable power modules, turn off all the power modules and cut off external power cable.
b. For S series fixed switches, if the device uses built-in power modules, cut off the external power cable. Note that shutting down the device will interrupt services. Exercise caution when performing this operation.

Powering off an E9000
Power off an E9000 as follows: 1. Power off the blades or switch modules in an E9000 chassis using the MM910 Web interface. For details, see 2. Disconnect the E9000 power cable from the mains supply.

How to shut down the U1980?
1. Before shutting down the U1900 series voice gateway, log in to the device through the CLI and run the save command to save the configuration data. Otherwise, the configuration data will be lost after the device is powered off. Directly turn off the power switch on the U1980 subrack.

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