Storage of audit logs on the USG6000


The display is the same, no matter which storage mode you select, ciphertext or plaintext. If you select ciphertext, the audit content stored on the hard disk is encrypted. However, the content is automatically decrypted when being displayed on the sWeb. It is impossible for customers to understand data stored on the hard disk.
The content in the exported format is the same as that displayed on the sWeb. However, the exported CSV file does not contain the audit content.

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Default log level on the USG6000
The default level of the log information on the USG6000 is Warning.

Method for configuring Telnet login to the USG6000 series
To understand how to log in to the USG6000 series through Telnet, log in to Huawei Enterprise Service Support website, view or download the product document based on the product model and version, and search the product document for the following case: Configuring Telnet Login to the CLI.

USG6000 log saving
USG6000 log saving modes 1. Check whether the information center is enabled. The information center can record logs only after it is enabled. By default, it is enabled. [sysname] display info-center Information Center:enabled 2. Enable the information center. [sysname] info-center enable 3. Configure the IP address of the log server and the source interface for sending log information. [sysname] info-center loghost x.x.x.x [sysname] info-center loghost source GigabitEthernet 1/0/1 (Optional) Configure the log output in binary format. You also need to configure the eSight NMS server to resolve logs. a. Configure the IP address and port number of the eSight NMS server. [sysname] data-flow loghost 1 ip-address port 9903 b. Configure the IP address and port number used by the device to send binary logs to the eSight NMS server. [sysname] data-flow loghost source ip-address source-port 1617

In FusionInsight,What is the cause for Alarm 12001 Audit Log Dump Failed
?The network connection is abnormal. ?The username, password, or dump directory of the dump server does not meet the configuration conditions. ?The disk space of the dump directory is insufficient.

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