Cannot viruses embedded in email be removed even when mail filtering is enabled


If only the mail filtering function is enabled, the viruses embedded in email cannot be removed. Enable the antivirus function as well.

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What can I do if the embedded GK fails to start after the SMC2.0 is installed?
Since C02, the authentication password of the embedded GK is changed. The default password is changed from 123456 to Change_Me. You need to open the gkcfg.ini file in D:\Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd\Switch System\SwitchCentre, set GKM-AUTH-PWD to Change_Me, and restart the SC.

How to remove the air filter from the SoftCo9500?
The air filter is vertically mounted on the left front of the SoftCo9500. To remove the air filter, loosen the screws on the air filter.

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