How to check whether the IP Address of the user is passively added to the Blacklist of the Firewall?


In CLI mode, run the display firewall blacklist item command to view the blacklist of the firewall, and check whether the IP address of the user is on the blacklist. If the IP address of the user is on the blacklist, the firewall directly discards all packets of this user. If the corresponding blacklist entry exists, run the undo firewall blacklist item command to delete the blacklist entry.

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Whether IP addresses to be added can overlap with existing IP addresses of other regions
They can overlap with each other. If an IP address to be added overlaps with an IP address of another user-defined or predefined region, the adding operation succeeds, and the overlapping IP address is automatically removed from this another predefined or user-defined region.

Whether the USG2000&5000 series supports adding a network segment to a blacklist entry
You can add only one IP address at a time in the configuration of the blacklist entry on the USG2000&5000 series. To add multiple IP addresses, add them in multiple times.

How to check whether the IP address in neighbor information is correct on S series switches
On Huawei S series switches (except the S1700), run the lldp management-address command to configure the LLDP management IP address. Check whether the IP address on neighbor devices is the same as that configured using this command.

How to check whether the AP has obtained an IP address?
Log in to the AP and check: display ap-address-info

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