URL for downloading the USG6000 software and documentation


You can click the following link to download the software version. On the document tab, you can view the corresponding product documentation.
USG6300 software version download

Other related questions:
Rack server documents
Rack server documentation: http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/hdx.do?docid=DOC1000010818&lang=en&idPath=7919749|9856522|21782478|21782482|9901881&clientWidth=1520&browseTime=1493177342179 RH2265 V2, RH2265H V2, RH2268 V2, and RH2268H V2 are distribution products. To obtain documents of these servers, visit http://support.huawei.com/ehedex/hdx.do?docid=DOC1000015050&lang=zh.

TX50 software download
TX50 software download link: TX50 software

Where can I download the TE30 software?
You can download the TE30 software at the following link: Version and Patch > TE30 V600R006C00SPC500

Where can I download the TE30 documentation?
You can download the TE30 Product Documentation at the following link: TE30 Product Documentation

Where can I download the LMT of the U1900 series unified gateway
You can obtain the LMT of the U1900 from the following path at Huawei enterprise support website: Select the corresponding U1900 model and software version, select 02 Tools.zip, and click Download. Remarks: You need to first register and obtain an account at Huawei support website before downloading software versions and tools. If you have an account with limited rights, upgrade your rights or contact the channel partner from whom you have purchased Huawei devices.

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