Whether predefined applications can be modified or deleted


Predefined applications cannot be modified or deleted. You can obtain the latest predefined applications by periodically updating the application signature database.

Other related questions:
Whether the undo add address command can delete preset IP addresses in predefined regions
The undo add address command cannot delete preset IP addresses in predefined regions. To override a preset IP address in a predefined region, add this IP address to another region if you know the region of the IP address or add the address to the region named "unknown-zone" if you do not know the region of the IP address.

Whether the bearer protocols of a predefined application used as a match condition and referenced by a policy shall also be referenced by the policy
Yes. If a predefined application is referenced in a policy as a match condition and the predefined application has a bearer protocol, the bearer protocol must also be referenced in the policy. For example, BT is referenced in a policy as a match condition, the policy must also reference its bearer protocol HTTP. For application and bearer protocol information, see http://sec.huawei.com. When you download the SA signature database, you can download the signature database description file to understand the relationship between the application and bearer protocol.

Whether hardware configuration can be modified for servers
Server components that are in the compatibility list support hardware upgrade and configuration modification.

Whether the UUID of a LUN can be deleted
Can the UUID of a LUN be deleted? No. A UUID is a unique identifier of a LUN. Deleting the UUID will cause a drive letter shift.

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