Whether the firewall supports cross-device link aggregation


The USG2000&5000&6000 do not support cross-device link aggregation.

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What link aggregation modes are supported by the device
The following link aggregation modes are supported: -Manual load balancing mode: This mode allows you to manually add interfaces to an Eth-Trunk. All the member interfaces are in forwarding state and perform load balancing. -LACP mode: This mode allows the AR to select active links by negotiating parameters using LACP. In LACP mode, you need to manually set up an Eth-Trunk and add interfaces to the Eth-Trunk.

Whether the firewall supports link aggregation
The USG2000&5000&6000 support manual link aggregation and static LACP mode link aggregation.

Whether an LEM18 board on an OSN 1800 supports link aggregation
An LEM18 board on an OSN 1800 supports manual and static aggregation, load sharing, and non-load sharing.

Do WLAN devices support Ethernet link aggregation
Currently, all Huawei ACs and only APs with dual network ports (such as the AP5030DN) support Ethernet link aggregation.

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