Firewall IP HOST configuration


The IP host configuration of the firewall is as follows: You can set the host name and corresponding IP address through the ip host command. Each host name corresponds to only one IP address. If you configure the same host name for multiple times, the IP address configured later takes effect. Set the IP address corresponding to host name to system-view [sysname] ip host

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What if the firewall's IP address is not displayed when using tracert
You can run the ip ttl-expires enable command. After receiving the ICMP packet with the TTL being 0 from the Windows host, the firewall replies with a timeout packet. Then, the IP address of the firewall will be displayed on the Windows host.

Method used to configure the reserved IP address of DHCP on USG firewalls
On the USG2000, USG5000, and USG6000, you can configure the reserved IP address of DHCP as follows: 1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view. 2. Run the dhcp server forbidden-ip start-ip-address [ end-ip-address ] command to configure a reserved IP address. By default, except for the interface IP address of the DHCP server, all IP addresses in the DHCP address pool are used for automatic allocation. To reserve an IP address, set start-ip-address. For example, IP address is used as the DNS server address and needs to be reserved. [USG] dhcp server forbidden-ip To reserve an IP address segment, set start-ip-address and end-ip-address. Ensure that start-ip-address is not equal to or larger than end-ip-address and they are in the same network segment. For example, IP addresses from to are used as fixed IP addresses and need to be reserved. [USG] dhcp server forbidden-ip

Blocking IP addresses on the firewall
You can configure a security policy to block the traffic of a specified IP address. In the security policy, specify the source address and destination address as specific IP addresses and set the policy action to block.

How to change the host IP address
To change the host IP address, run the config system hostip command.

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