Whether the USG6000 supports Oray software


The USG6000 does not support Oray software.

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Whether the USG2000 supports Oray software
The USG2000 does not support Oray software.

Whether the USG5000 supports Oray software
The USG5000 does not support Oray software.

Whether the USG6000 supports MSTP
The USG6000 does not support MSTP.

Whether the USG6000 supports STP
The USG6000 does not support STP.

Whether the USG6000 supports capturing packets
You can enable the packet capture function on the USG6000 as follows: 1. Enable the packet capture function through the CLI as follows: a. Define the packet capture range. In this example, packets from are captured. system-view Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z. [sysname] acl 3000 [sysname-acl-adv-3000] rule permit ip source [sysname-acl-adv-3000] quit b. Run the following command to put all IPv4 packets passing the interface and matching ACL 3000 to the packet sending queue. [sysname] packet-capture ipv4-packet 3000 interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/1 c. Start to capture packets. [sysname] packet-capture startup manual d. Save packets in the specified queue as file 1.cap on the device. The default directory is hda1:/. [sysname] packet-capture queue 0 to-file 1.cap e. After packet capture completes, terminate the packet capture process. [sysname] undo packet-capture startup f. Use FTP to download file 1.cap from the device, use the Wireshark to open the file, and analyze the captured packets.

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