APs in idle state and do not register with AC6005

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What do the BGP peer states including Active, No Neg, and Idle(Admin) mean on S series switches
In addition to Idle and Established, BGP Peer can be in other states including: Active: indicates that the TCP connection is not set up for the BGP session. No Neg: indicates that the ability to establish a BGP connection is not negotiated. Assume that one device is configured with IPv4 unicast, and the other device is configured with IPv4 unicast and IPv4 multicast. After the peer relationship is set up between the two devices, the device configured with IPv4 unicast only enters in Established state, whereas the other device configured with IPv4 unicast and IPv4 multicast enters in No Neg state. This is because one device is not configured with IPv4 multicast. Idle (Admin): indicates that a peer is shut down and does not attempt to set up a connection. If the peer ignore command is executed on the peer or the status of the peer is set to Down through the related MIB, the peer is in Idle (Admin) state.

What states does an AP have
AP states include: - idle: The AP is in idle state. - normal: The AP is in normal state. - type-not-match: The AP type is not supported by the AC. - fault: The AP fails. - config: The AP is initializing the configuration. - config-failed: The AP fails to initialize the configuration. - download: The AP is downloading the upgrade software. - committing: The WLAN service configuration is being committed. - commit-failed: The WLAN service configuration fails to be committed. - standby: The AP is in standby state on the standby AC. - ver-mismatch: The Version between AP and AC is mismatched.

Which lines do Huawei APs use to support PoE? Idle lines or signal lines
Huawei APs support PoE power supplies of idle lines and signal lines. PoE power supplies use signal lines.

How to check the state of AP ?
Log in to the AC and check AP status: display ap all //Check AP status.

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