Maximum number of DHCP clients supported by the USG6000


The USG6000 supports a maximum of 16 DHCP clients.

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What is the support of DHCP on an AR
The support for DHCP functions on the AR is as follows: - DHCP server: All AR models of all versions support the DHCP server. - DHCP relay: All AR models of all versions support the DHCP relay agent. - DHCP snooping: Starting from V200R003C00, all AR models support DHCP snooping. - DHCP client: All AR models of all versions support the DHCP client.

Maximum number of sessions on a firewall
For the USG2000&5000 series, it supports a maximum of 2 million concurrent sessions in firewall mode or 1 million concurrent sessions in UTM mode. For the USG6000 series, the maximum number of sessions varies with models: USG6310/6320/6510-SJJ: 500,000 USG6330/6350/6360/6530: 3,000,000 USG6370/6380/6390/6550/6570: 4,000,000 USG6650/6660/6670: 10,000,000 USG6680: 12,000,000 NGFW Module: 10,000,000

Number of supported static DHCP binding entries on S series switch
S series switches (except S1700 switches) support the static DHCP binding configuration. When configuring static DHCP binding, ensure that IP addresses to be bound exist in a DHCP address pool. If you want to know the maximum number of static DHCP binding entries that can be configured, send an email to

How many APs can be managed by an AC
The maximum number of APs managed by an AC is as follows: AC6003: 48 AC6005: 128 (versions earlier than V200R006C10); 256 (V200R006C10 and later) AC6605: 512 (V200R003); 1024 (V200R005 and later) ACU2: 2048 By default, the number of APs managed by an AC (without license loaded) is as follows: AC6003: 4 AC6005: 4 AC6605: 4 ACU2: 128

How many channels of cameras does an NVR6016 support?
The NVR6016 supports access of up to 16-channel D1, 8-channel 720p, and 4-channel 1080p video.

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