Whether NAT Server of the USG6000 series can be bound with the VRRP group


NAT Server of the UGS6000 series cannot be bound with the VRRP group.

Other related questions:
Whether NAT Server in the USG6000 series supports temporary disabling
NAT Server does not support temporary disabling after being configured on the NGFW. You can disable NAT Server only by deleting the configuration.

Whether NAT Server can be configured for the USG6000 in transparent mode
The USG6000 supports NAT Server in transparent mode. The configuration of NAT Server in transparent mode is the same as that in common mode.

Whether the NAT address group configured for the USG6000 affects the access to the public network
After the NAT address group is configured, it does not affect the access to the public network when it is not called.

Whether SSL VPN of the USG6000 can use the virtual IP address of a VRRP group as the gateway
SSL VPN supports using the virtual IP address of the VRRP group as the gateway.

Whether multiple S series switches can form a VRRP group
S600-E series switches do not support VRRP. S series switches (S1700 excluded) support a VRRP group composed of one master and multiple backups. Typically, VRRP is configured on two devices.

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