Whether the NAT ALG supports the fragmented packet processing


The NAT ALG does not support the fragmented packet processing.

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Whether the NAT interface of AR router can be configured multicast?
Configure NAT on AR router interface can be configured multicast, but the configuration of the NAT only effect on unicast packets, multicast packets are not supported in NAT.

How do I configure NAT ALG
On a Huawei AR router, you can run the nat alg { all | protocol-name } enable command to enable NAT ALG for an application protocol. After NAT ALG for an application protocol is enabled, packets of the application protocol can traverse the NAT device. Note: In the command, all indicates that NAT ALG is enabled for DNS, FTP, SIP, PPTP, and RSTP. protocol-name indicates that NAT ALG is enabled for a specified protocol. The value can be dns, ftp, sip, pptp, or rtsp. The AR510 does not support NAT ALG for SIP.

Does MPLS ping support fragmented packets
MPLS ping of the AR router does not support fragmented packets.

Whether the S series switches support fragmentation reorganization
The S-series switches support fragmented data packets with large amounts of data and reorganize them at the peer end.

Are packet fragmentation and reassembly supported by S series switches
S series switches can send fragmented data packets with a large data volume and also reassemble received fragmented packets.

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