Whether the USG6000 supports multicast NAT


USG6000 supports multicast NAT.

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Whether the NAT interface of AR router can be configured multicast?
Configure NAT on AR router interface can be configured multicast, but the configuration of the NAT only effect on unicast packets, multicast packets are not supported in NAT.

Whether the USG6000 supports MSTP
The USG6000 does not support MSTP.

Whether NAT Server in the USG6000 series supports temporary disabling
NAT Server does not support temporary disabling after being configured on the NGFW. You can disable NAT Server only by deleting the configuration.

Whether the USG2000 and USG5000 support multicast NAT
USG2000 and USG5000 support multicast NAT

Do S series switches support static multicast routes
For S series switches, static multicast routes are supported only by S series modular switches, S3700EI, S3700HI, S5720S-SI, S5720SI, S5700EI, S5710EI, S5720EI, S5700HI, S5710HI, S5720HI, S6700EI, S6720EI and S6720S-EI. You can run the igmp static-group command to configure a static multicast group, and the ip rpf-route-static command to configure a static multicast route.

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