Precautions for quintuple packet discard statistics configuration on the USG6000 series


Quintuple packet discard statistics affect device performance. Use it with caution.

After locating network problems, stop the statistics.

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Meaning of quintuple packet capture for the USG6000 series
Quintuple packet capture enables the USG6000 series to copy the passing packets and save or display them in a certain format on the USG. If the USG or service is faulty and the fault cannot be located after you check the configuration and statistics, you can enable quintuple packet capture for the USG to capture packets of specified flows for fault analysis.

Precautions for quintuple packet capture configuration on the USG9000 series
Quintuple packet capture affects device performance. Use it with caution. After locating network problems, you should clear packet capture queues to release memory.

Common packet discarding policies in the QoS function of the USG6000 series
Common discarding policies are listed as follows: �?Tail drop After a queue is full, the packet that arrives last is discarded. �?Random early detection (RED) In the RED algorithm, packets are discarded randomly after the queue reaches the specified length. RED can avoid global synchronization induced by the slow start mechanism of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). �?Weighted random early detection (WRED) Compared with RED, WRED takes into account the queue length and packet priorities when discarding packets. A packet with a lower priority is discarded earlier with a higher probability.

Quintuple on the USG6000 series
The quintuple of the firewall refers to the source address, destination address, source port, destination port, and protocol port.

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