Whether the USG9000 series supports cross-board port mirroring


The USG9000 series does not support cross-board port mirroring.

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Restrictions on the use of port mirroring on the USG9000 series
The restrictions and precautions on the use of mirroring on the USG9000 series are as follows: Restrictions: ? Only the LPUK, LPUN, and LPU-100C support port mirroring. ? BFD and HRP packets cannot be mirrored. ? The action in the ACL rule referenced by port mirroring must be permit, and the address set configuration is not supported. ? Traffic mirroring cannot be configured in VLANs. ? If an Eth-Trunk interface or subinterface on an LPU-100C is configured as the mirroring port, packets can be mirrored only to the first member interface. Traffic load balancing cannot be implemented. Precautions: ? Service interfaces cannot be used as the observing port. The observing port cannot serve as a service interface. ? The mirroring port and the observing port cannot be the same port. ? Different transmission rates cause failure to completely receive all mirrored packets. To prevent this problem, ensure that the transmission rates of the observing port and mirroring port are the same. ? The port mirroring function consumes CPU resources on firewalls, degrades service processing performance, and even affects services. Therefore, disable this function soon after using it.

Does the USG9000 series supports cross-board port mirroring?
The USG9000 series does not support the configuration of cross-board port mirroring

Whether the USG9000 series supports cross-Layer-3 MAC identification
The device supports cross-Layer-3 MAC identification.

Whether the USG6650 supports port mirroring
The USG6650 supports port mirroring. For details, search for Enabling Port Mirroring in HUAWEI USG6000&USG9000&NFGW Module V500R001C20 Product Documentation.

Whether the TN52TDX board supports ODU1 cross-connections
The TN52TDX board supports only ODU2 cross-connections.

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