Whether the total traffic of an interface within half a month can be displayed on the USG6000


You can run the Dashboard-Traffic History command to display interface traffic statistics within the last 30 days on the USG6000.

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Whether the USG6000 series displays traffic logs
Traffic logs are displayed only when the USG6000 series has hard disks installed. For the USG6650/6660/6670/6680, the traffic log page is displayed no matter whether hard disks are installed.

Whether the rate of a 1000M interface unidirectional or total on the USG5000
Bidirectional rate in half-duplex mode and unidirectional rate in full-duplex mode on the USG5000.

Displaying traffic statistics on the USG6000 series
The USG6000 series enables you to use the CLI to view the traffic statistics of the device or the traffic statistics of an interface/device in the past 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 30 days. In any view, run the display all-traffic command to display the total traffic of all physical interfaces on the device from device startup or last traffic reset to the time when you display the traffic. In any view, run the display history-traffic { total | all | interface interface-type interface-number } [ hour | day | month ] command to view historical traffic statistics of an interface, all interfaces, or the device within a given time range.

Can Ethernet interfaces be configured to work in half duplex mode
The following interfaces can work in half-duplex mode at the rate of 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s: FE electrical interfaces, GE electrical interfaces, and GE optical interfaces with GE copper modules installed

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