Disabling the debugging function on the USG2000&5000&6000


The method of disabling the debugging function on the USG2000&5000&6000 is as follows:
The common CLI operation method is as follows:
undo terminal debugging
Info: Current terminal debugging is off.

However, after you enable the debugging function, the information output to the device may be of a large volume. Therefore, it is inconvenient for you to run the undo debugging all command on the device to stop the output of all debugging information. In this case, you can press Ctrl+O. The result is the same as running the undo debugging all command.

Devices that support Ctrl+O include Windows HyperTerminal, Telnet program in the DOS CLI environment, SecureCRT, and IPOP V2.3 or later versions. VTP does not support this operation. In VTP, Ctrl+O is defined as the shortcut keys for creating a console.

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Configuring telneting to other devices on the USG2000&5000&6000
USG2000&5000&6000  configure telneting to other devices as follows:

To manage other intranet devices with the firewall as a springboard, perform as follows:

14:33:04  2011/03/26 
Trying ... 
Press CTRL+T to abort

In this way, you can perform operations on other devices.

Enabling or disabling the Telnet or SSH function on the USG2000&5000
Enable or disable the Telnet or SSH function on the USG2000&5000 as follows: 1. Run the following commands in the CLI to enable or disable the Telnet or SSH function: sy [USG5100]aaa [USG5100-aaa]local-user admin service-type ? dot1x 802.1X user ftp FTP user ppp Indicate PPP user ssh SSH user telnet Telnet user terminal Terminal user web Web authentication user [USG5100-aaa]local-user admin service-type ssh web telnet As shown in the preceding method, only the SSH, web, and Telnet services are enabled for the admin account. Services can be enabled as required.

Disabling the Telnet or SSH service on the USG2000&5000&6000
USG2000&5000& Perform as follows to disable the Telnet or SSH service:
1.  Disable the Telnet service.
<USG> system-VIEW
Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z.  
[USG]undo telnet  server  enable 

2.  Disable the SSH service.
Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z.  
[USG]undo stelnet server  enable

Default levels of the USG2000&5000&6000 administrators
The default level of the administrators of all USG series is empty. You need to configure the level and permission of each user.

Displaying debugging information on the SRG&USG2000&5000&6000 series
By default, the method of querying debugging information on the firewall is as follows: 1. Run the terminal monitor command to enable the information display function of the terminal. 2. Run the terminal debugging command to enable the debugging information display function of the terminal. For details, see Reference > Debugging Reference > Outputting Debugging Information in the corresponding product documentation.

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