Matching sequence of policy-based routes


Policy-based routes are matched based on their node sequence numbers in ascending order.

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Does an AR router support policy-based routing
All models of AR routers support policy-based routing.

Priorities of policy-based routing and default routing for an AR router
Policy-based routing has a higher priority than default routing. If policy-based routing and default routing coexist, only policy-based routing takes effect. After policy-based routing loses effect, default routing takes effect.

Differences between policy-based routing and default routing
The operation object of policy-based routing is packets. Even if a routing table is available, packets are not forwarded according to the routing table, and they are forwarded based on a policy according to requirements. According to the conventional routing and forwarding principle, packets are forwarded according to the destination addresses of the packets. Nowadays, more and more users expect that packets are forwarded and routed according to their defined policies on the basis of the conventional routing and forwarding. Policy-based routing enables the network administrator to formulate routing policies according to the source and destination addresses of packets, packet size, and link quality in order to change the forwarding paths of packets and meet user requirements.

How to configure OSPF to filter routes based on a routing policy
OSPF can use routing policies to filter routes. By default, OSPF does not filter routes. To configure OSPF to filter the routes to be received, run the filter-policy import command. To configure OSPF to filter the routes to be sent, run the filter-policy export command. You can use one of the following routing policies: 1. Basic ACL 2. Advanced ACL 3. IP prefix list 4. Route-policy

What is the matching order of the firewall policy routes?
The matching order of the firewall policy routes is matched according to the node serial number following the policy-based-route policy from small to large.

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