Reason why commands cannot be configured on the standby firewall


After the hot standby relationship is established between two firewalls, commands that can be automatically backed up cannot be manually configured on the standby firewall. Commands configured on the active firewall are automatically synchronized to the standby firewall.

To manually configure commands of this type on the standby firewall, cancel the configured automatic backup function (undo hrp auto-sync config) first.

Other related questions:
Why cannot I run commands on the standby firewall
After the active/standby status is set up on the two firewalls, you can run the commands that can be automatically synchronized only on the active firewall, not on the standby firewall. To manually run these commands on the standby firewall, run the undo hrp auto-sync config command to disable the automatic synchronization function.

Why are not commands executed on the active firewall synchronized to the standby firewall
If you disable the automatic configuration synchronization function, the configurations are not synchronized. Besides, not all commands can be synchronized. For example, interface and routing configurations cannot be synchronized. For commands that can be synchronized, see Specifications.

Problem and solution when the USG6000 virtual system cannot be configured
Check the permission of the administrator account used for login. If you use the root system administrator account to configure the virtual system, the level of the root system administrator shall be the system administrator. If you use the virtual system administrator account to configure the virtual system, the level of the virtual system administrator shall be the system administrator or the configuration administrator with the read and write permissions. Choose System > Admin > Administrator Role and configure the administrator account.

DAS1 boards cannot be configured at an OLA site
1. A built-in FIU is configured on the DAS1 board and an extra FIU board must also be configured for the OLA site. The configuration is asymmetric. 2. The DAS1 board has only one variant (OAU101), and therefore cannot meet the flexible configuration requirements of OLA sites.

Reason why the laser on the RAU board cannot be turned on
The possible causes are as follows: 1. The fiber return loss exceeds the threshold. 2. The IPA is not configured. 3. When the network becomes faulty, IPA is triggered and the laser is shut down.

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