Whether hot standby can be implemented on virtual firewalls



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Whether hot standby can be deployed for firewalls of different models
Hot standby can be implemented only between USGs of the same model.

Whether virtual firewalls support hot standby

Whether the standby firewall forwards traffic in hot standby deployment
The standby device does not forward service traffic. However, the device properly forwards traffic sent to it, such as the ICMP packet for pinging the device interface IP address. Therefore, you can view traffic on the standby device.

Whether USG2000&5000&6000 series virtual firewalls support hot standby
Hot standby cannot be implemented between virtual firewalls.

How can I implement backup on the SMC2.0?
Cold standby of the SMC2.0 is as follows: Two servers are prepared. SMC2.0 software is installed and licenses are applied for on the two servers. Conference templates are configured on the two servers. The database is synchronized at a specified interval. Template parameters are consistent. If a server is unavailable, network cables can be connected to the other backup server to schedule conferences.

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