Whether the dial-up interface supports hot standby


No. Hot standby interfaces require fixed IP addresses.

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Whether IAD support dial up access in eSpace UC solution

Do WLAN devices support hot-standby backup
ACs support hot-standby backup. Two hot-standby backup modes are available: HSB+VRRP and HSB+dual-link backup. HSB+VRRP backup implements traffic switching through VRRP, while HSB+dual-link backup implements traffic switching through dual links. Hot-standby backup achieves service backup of two ACs. HSB+VRRP applies only to the active/standby mode, whereas HSB+dual-link backup applies to both the active/standby and load balancing modes.

Whether virtual firewalls support hot standby

Whether the firewall supports the hot standby feature
USGs of all models support hot standby.

Can an outbound interface be specified for dial-up in the resource-shared DCC dial-up method
Yes. You can run the dialer route ip next-hop-address user hostname | broadcast * dial-string autodial | interface interface-type interface-number * command to specify an outbound interface for dial-up.

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