Whether the dial-up interface supports hot standby


No. Hot standby interfaces require fixed IP addresses.

Other related questions:
Can an outbound interface be specified for dial-up in the resource-shared DCC dial-up method
Yes. You can run the dialer route ip next-hop-address user hostname | broadcast * dial-string autodial | interface interface-type interface-number * command to specify an outbound interface for dial-up.

Whether the firewall supports the hot standby feature
USGs of all models support hot standby.

Whether virtual firewalls support hot standby

Do WLAN devices support hot-standby backup
ACs support hot-standby backup. Two hot-standby backup modes are available: HSB+VRRP and HSB+dual-link backup. HSB+VRRP backup implements traffic switching through VRRP, while HSB+dual-link backup implements traffic switching through dual links. Hot-standby backup achieves service backup of two ACs. HSB+VRRP applies only to the active/standby mode, whereas HSB+dual-link backup applies to both the active/standby and load balancing modes.

Whether IAD support dial up access in eSpace UC solution

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